RUMOUR: Cameron leaks apparent hire as Sens assistant coach

It appears, according to Dave Cameron himself, he’s about to be hired as one of the new assistants on Paul MacLean’s new coaching staff.

This is according to who quoted Cameron from the Mississauga Majors’ year end awards ceremony as stating that there would have to be a major setback for the deal not to go through and that;

It’s just a matter now of crossing some T’s and dotting some I’s

Cameron played three seasons in the NHL with the Colorado Rockies and the New Jersey Devils. He then turned to coaching minor professional hockey and then coached for two seasons with the OHL Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. He joined the Majors in Toronto in 2000 and coached there for four years before taking the coaching job in Binghamton, the Sens’ AHL farm team, for three years. He returned to the Majors in 2007 when the team moved to Mississauga.

Cameron also said;

The one thing I’ve always said is that coaches are no different than players in terms of wanting to get to the National Hockey League […]

I’m really excited and humbled to get the chance to go to the best league in the world. You know, I was fortunate enough to make it as a player and now I’m really excited to be going back as a coach.

Ten years (to get to the NHL) is a little longer than I would have hoped but I certainly welcome the chance.

In the past year Cameron has remarkably managed to be the losing coach at the World Juniors, the OHL finals and the Memorial Cup finals … an extraordinarily disappointing feat!

Cameron was interviewed for the head coaching position but was unsuccessful despite being Melnyk’s apparent first choice. Murray of course ended up choosing Detroit assistant Paul MacLean last week.

This afternoon @HockeyScanner (Wayne Scanlan) speculating that Cameron hiring was a Melnyk condition to MacLean’s hiring:

Sure looks like a hiring condition of MacLean was that he accept Cameron as part of the deal. Ownership has its privileges. #Sens #NHL.

If true, it really does not speak well in terms of how the Sens are being run right now from the top down. #meddlingownerfail