Hockey Stat Sites

Here is a quick reference table of some of the more referenced stat sites.  Please feel free to add suggestions or new sites in the comments section and we will continue to update the table below.  Thanks!

 1. NHL  /  TSN  /  ESPN

Type: Standard Stats

Highlights: Attendance Stats  /  Trophy Tracker  / Leaders  /  Game by Game Stats  /  Faceoff Leaders  /  Road Points  /  Shots by Team  /  Penalty Kill

2. Extra Skater

Type: Fancy and Standard Stats

Highlights: Live Game Stats / Player Deployment StatsQuality of Teammates / Team Stats (also features a very cool Fenwick chart during live game summaries)


3. Behind the Net

Type: Fancy and Standard Stats

Highlights: Player Standard Stats with Average Shooting Distance OR Add filter for more shooting options

Time on Ice Stats with Top Linesmen

Player breakdown including Zone Starts/Finish, Quality of Competition, etc.

behind the net

4. Cap Geek

Type: Money Stats, Salaries, Cap, etc.


CALCULATORS: Trade Machine  /  Cap Calculator / Fantasy Calculator / Waiver Calculator

OTHER:  UFA Finder  /  Bonuses  /  Team Stats (including Cap, Depth Chart, etc.)


5. Shift Chart

Type: Time on Ice / Shifts

Highlights: Shifts by game(Sort players by On-Ice to see lines)


6. Hockey Analysis

Type: Standard, Fancy Stats

Highlights: WOWY Stats by Player  /  On-Ice Fenwick Stats  /  HARO HARD & HART Ratings  /  Team Power Play Stats


7. Hockey Reference

Type: Standard, Historical Stats.  Kind of a catch all DB

Highlights: Box Scores  /  Search for Season Matching Criteria  / Search for Games  / Search for Games by Team Logs

e.g. this site lets you find stats such as “the last time the Ottawa Senators let in 50 shots was in 1998..” etc.