NEWS: Cornwall Classic recap — Latendresse with 6 points!

Ken Warren provides his recap of the Cornwall Classic:

For those keeping track, Daniel Alfredsson’s Team White defeated Jesse Winchester’s Team Black 13-9, but the biggest winners were the First Assist Charity and the Max Keeping Foundation, who took home all the proceeds. The charity tour will continue on to Thunder Bay next Monday, followed by a three-game tour of the Northwest Territories the following week.

Considering there were only nine skaters aside, the game wasn’t played at the pace or with the intensity of a regular season NHL game – or even a pre-season tilt – but it was a hit with the fans just the same.

Check out the rest of the article at the Ottawa Citizen.

Meanwhile, Don Brennan from the Ottawa Sun also declared the game a big hit and estimates that about $96,000 was raised for First Assist and the Max Keeping Foundation.