Obama masks! #YesWeCan

Now that the #YesWeCan can campaign is taking off more and more Sens fans are asking “How can I help?”.

Great question!

As outlined in our initial article:

  • the Senators will almost assuredly be playing the Boston Bruins in round 1;
  • Tim Thomas refused to visit the White House in January… because he hates the President, government(s), health care, and poor people generally;
  • therefore, the appropriate unofficial official Sens theme for the playoffs is YES WE CAN (or #YesWeCan for the Twitter-inclined).

The theme is both appropriate for this overachieving and optimistic Sens team and because, if it catches on, will infuriate Tim Thomas.  We note proudly that the campaign is already a success as Tim Thomas refused to make the trip to Ottawa for tonight’s Sens/Bruins game.  One can only assume this is because he’s aware of the #YesWeCan campaign and is cowarding in fear.

And thus we’d like to unveil Phase 2 of the #YesWeCan plan –> Obama masks.

The idea originated on Twitter, not sure who mentioned it first… but they should identify themselves so credit can properly be given!

Through some online research two paper versions have been located.

Option 1:  From the Chicago Tribune

Option 2:  @6thSens sent me the link to this following option… not sure if they made it or found it, but it’s a little more life-like than the Chicago Tribune option…


Printing should be done on the thickest paper you can find using a good colour printer.  Alternatively you could probably get the fine folks at Staples, or any other lcoal print shop, to fire one off for you.

Option 3:  For those who want to take things to the next level there are a variety of serious Obama masks at various sites throughout the internets.  For example this one looks pretty spectacular for only $25 from buycostumes.com

Good luck Sens fans… #YesWeCan!