Pre-launch Sens Logo updated

You asked for it (you probably didn’t) and I’ve delivered.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this:


This was the pre-expansion Ottawa Senators logo. It was slapped on merchandise and other promo material, all in an effort to create a bit of a buzz during the “Bring Back the Senators” campaign. It was all that existed as far an identity for the potential new franchise—and by all accounts it did its job.

Nowadays when you see it, you get those warm fuzzy feelings and remember the old Civic Centre and Brad Marsh and Doug Smail… but, if you look at the logo without those rose-coloured glasses, you might admit it could use some serious updating. It was that element of nostalgia that appealed to me. What if I reworked the basic design elements (cleaner/simpler/bolder lines), but kept the concept of the peace tower and its positioning (positive/negative treatment inside the two T’s).

You’d probably arrive at something like this:


What’ya think? Bastardized or a decent take on a classic logo?

From here, you could use the peace tower and integrate it with the ‘O’ and have a pretty basic and simple shoulder patch, or I don’t know… to mark a significant anniversary? Not unlike the logo I submitted to the Silver Seven Logo Contest (a contest that the organization didn’t even acknowledge as far I’ve heard, even though there were some nice entries, some that were far superior to the existing one). I digress.

Please note, the pre-launch logo was created by a well-respected Ottawa designer who does some fine work—this post was not meant to disrespect—it was just a fun (for me) exercise in modernizing existing logos.