Reaction to Adnan Tweets — emoji set

Adnan, or @sens_adnan as he’s known on Twitter, is a great follow.

He’s as charming as he is polarizing. He stirs the pot, he busts balls, he gets serious (mostly with @rymkrs), he offends, he jokes, he makes light of things and on rare occasions his inner-nerd comes pouring out.

But most importantly, he can entice a reaction as good or better than anyone.

Because his posts have the ability to generate such a wide range of emotions (of which there are often no words to describe)…

…now you can react with your favourite Adnan emoji!

There’s ambiguous flatline mouth Adnan, in either the basic format, or with an emphasized expression.


There’s raging Adnan, for when he says something you really don’t agree with:


There’s nerdy Adnan, when he busts out a fancy stat:


Mean Adnan, for those times when you *know* he’s just trying to get a rise out of you:


There’s Hilarious Adnan, for when he’s inevitably being mean but you happen to agree with him:


Cool Adnan, for any post about Colin Greening:


And hopefully this one will never be required… there’s boring Adnan.


Enjoy! Feel free to contribute and I’ll add to this thread.

– @AccurateEric