NEWS: Sens News: April 13th

Paul MacLean was happy with 54 minutes of his team’s effort, feeling that the end of the second and beginning of the third was their primary problem last night.  He acknowledged their powerplay needs to be much better, and “We didn’t play our best. We need to play better, obviously, to win. When you lose a game, you can always be better in all areas and all zones of the rink.”  The Sens players had essentially the same message, which is in stark contrast to the sky-is-falling mentality of the press.

-There’s probably no point in correcting Allen Panzeri, but for those scoring at home Erik Karlsson stopped Prust‘s breakaway, not Chris Phillips as reported.

Bruce Garrioch illustrates why reading about the game isn’t the same as watching the game, “The Rangers served noticed to the Senators  that the team that pays the price is going to win the series. New York used its physical force to hit just about everything wearing a white sweater.” Garrioch leaves the impression that the Rangers were the more physical team and it’s just not true–hits were even at 37 and even without the official stats physicality was not the deciding factor of the game.

-Speaking of Garrioch, he was on Hockey Central this afternoon and according to the boys in the studio the series is over–mark it down.  Doug MacLean thinks Condra is one of Ottawa’s big bodies incidentally–something he’s repeated for awhile–which I get a kick out of.

Joy Lindsay reports that Mika Zibanejad will not play for Binghamton this weekend due to a mix of illness and exhaustion (Garrioch reports it may be a concussion).  Robin Lehner will start tonight and both Andre Petersson and Stephane Da Costa are expected to play.

This article is written by Peter Levi, be sure to follow @eyeonthesens