NEWS: Sens News: April 21st

Ian Mendes Tweets his belief that Mark Stone will play tonight.

Kyle Turris talked about the magic of Kaspars Daugavins:

Kaspars Daugavins came up to me before the game and gave me some magic. Earlier in year I was going through a slump, and I sit beside Dog Man in the room, and he said ‘Turry I’m going to give you some magic, and you’re going to score a goal.’ and I scored a goal that game. So (Wednesday ) night before I went out, Dog Man was in the back and I asked for a little magic.’ I swear to God it’s unbelievable. He did it to (Nick Foligno) in Long Island and Nicky scored. It’s legit magic. If you’re in a slump he’ll break you out of a slump.

Foligno said:

Dog Man gave me the magic in Long Island. I was like, I’ve had a lot of chances the last few games but haven’t scored, and Dog came over to me and said, ‘I’m going to give some of the magic. Next period, I went out and scored. I think there’s something to be said for it. He gives you a little love, that’s about it. It’s only when he feels it. He’s got a sixth sense. Hopefully, I get the magic a couple of more times.

Daugavins himself said:

It’s a special magic. I’m not telling the secret of how and what, but it works. Last year I gave magic all the time (in Binghamton) and we won. Certain guys I give it to. It’s good for two weeks, unless you break a stick, then I have to put a new one in. It only works when you’re thinking positive things. It doesn’t work if you’re mad and yelling at your stick. I don’t have any left to give myself, that’s why I’m not playing. My magic works better with Turry than me, that’s why I give it to him.

We’ll see if the magic continues tonight.

Paul MacLean talked about Jason Spezza‘s play:

It’s hard when you’re the best player … you’re the focal point of the opposition’s defensive strategies and they make it difficult for you, just like we’re doing for the Rangers. It’s just important to keep doing what you do, and keep doing it hard, and stick to it, and eventually we believe we’re going to break through. It hasn’t been in the fourth game, but maybe it’s the fifth game, and we’re guaranteed to play a sixth game and maybe it’s the sixth game Jason ends up breaking through. But you’re never going to break through it if you don’t continue to work at it and do it right. And I think he’s really been conscious of doing things right. He’s played a certain way for a long time throughout his career, and this year he has embraced some change in his game. Sometimes when you’re under the pressure and it gets important, you revert back to where you’re comfortable and what you like doing, and there’s been some instances, mostly in Game 1, where he got back to that player he grew up being, and we have to keep reminding him we need him to do this, but we feel Jason and the whole group are working real hard at the changes we’ve asked them to make.

Uffe Bodin was on The Team 1200 talking about Jakob Silfverberg and he said he thought Silfverberg could help the Sens in the playoffs.  He thinks Silfverberg could help the team in a number of ways, but particularly with his shot (which is what Tim Murray has mentioned repeatedly).

-Elmira lost 2-1 to Florida last night which knocks them out of the playoffs.  Brian Stewart took the loss and Corey Cowick, Jack Downing and Bobby Raymond were held off the scoreboard.

This article is written by Peter Levi, be sure to follow @eyeonthesens