NEWS: Sniper Chris Phillips Celebrates 1000th Game!

Thursday night was legendary thanks to Chris Phillips.  He played his 1000th game and scored two key goals, including the game winner.

The Senators had lost seven in a row and fallen below the Leafs in the standings.  Compounding things was that, recently, people have been questioning Phillips’ current and ongoing usefulness to the team.  That said, most fans were willing to put aside any current reservations about his play and celebrate the organization’s 2nd most loyal soldier and all-round “good guy”.

But Philly wasn’t satisfied rolling out for the crowd wave and playing an otherwise standard game… he stole the show:

Hopefully he can use that momentum moving forward.  Anyone who’s watched Chris play over his career knows that his play escalates leading up to the playoffs and he excels in the playoffs.  So if the Senators can keep their shit together and at least be in the mix for the 8th spot, it’s a good bet that Phillips’ play will noticeably improve.

Phillips is currently in his first year of a three year contract with a cap hit of 3.083 mill/year.

Congratulations Chris!!!