What the hell was that?

Sens win 6-2 over the Panthers and enter four day layoff on a nice 3-0-1 stretch.  But the real story was that the Sens/Panthers game was the one Sens game this year not being broadcast on TV.

Luckily, or unluckily, the game was still available on NHL Game Center online and on NHL Center Ice.  And we’re told there was also a free preview of NHL Center Ice available for Bell users (who the shit has Bell anyways?) and there was a promo code floating around for NHL Game Center.

In any event there was a game, and it was largely boring, but the following awesomeness occurred:

  • Spezza got 3 points, placing him 2nd in NHL scoring;
  • Alfie with a sweet short handed goal;
  • Butler with a goal and his 6th point in 4 games;
  • Anderson with 42 saves;
  • Cowen was +3; and
  • Alfie, Michalek, Daugavins, and Lee each had 2 points.

On the downside, everything about the scoreboard feed, “fans”, arena, and commentators screamed AHL.  The Panthers have been in the league for 19 seasons…. how is the whole package still this bad?