Now that the Senators have clinched a playoff spot they have released their playoff theme: “Believe It”.  This is an unfortunate missed opportunity.

For some time fans (largely me and maybe a handful of others) have been promoting “Yes We Can” as a candidate for the official Sens playoff theme on Twitter.  The theme is particularly appealing since Boston and Ottawa have been on a first round collision course for a couple of months now.

“Yes We Can” was the famous tag line or slogan associated with Barak Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008.

In January 2012 the Boston Bruins visited the White House to be congratulated by President Obama for their recent Stanley Cup victory.  Tim Thomas, Bruins goalie and last year’s playoff MVP, however, was not in attendance:

Professional sports crossed over into the world of politics yesterday when Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas refused to join his teammates at the White House for a ceremony with U.S. President Barack Obama honouring the Stanley Cup champions.

Thomas then took to Facebook to explain his protest with this gem:

Let us leave aside the fact that he randomly capitalizes words for no good reason, the content of the message is proof enough that he’s a raging psycho… for example, he says “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control” followed shortly by “this was not about politics”. What the F?

Thomas was properly shit on, samples can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Needless to say — he did find some sympathy in the Sun chain of “newspapers”:

“The federal government has grown out of control, threatening the rights, liberties and property of the people.”

True, true and true. We have some of that woe up here, too — heavy taxes, huge government debts and stifling regulation.

But Thomas’ silly snub is right out of the Hollywood Lefty Loudmouth’s Manual. I’d expect it from the likes of George Clooney, Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore.

Pompous twits like that are PR millstones for the left. Looks bad. Their attacks are mean-spirited and personal.

Oh Sun Media… you amuse me.

Nonetheless, my main point is that Tim Thomas is crazy and he really hates Barack Obama.  Therefore, the Senators had the perfect opporunity to overtly ridicule and enrage  Thomas while also choosing a theme that perfectly fits with this team: YES WE CAN!!

They have chosen not to do so, but I am compelling all Sens fans to pick up the ball dropped by the organization and make YES WE CAN the unofficial official theme of this year’s Sens playoff run.  Not only is it great for article headlines, twitter hashtags and promotional material — but I can assure you it will sound great in chant form bellowing through Scotiabank Place.

Please consider my appeal.  I’ll leave you with this:


Here’s the image in avatar format for Twitter, forum and other avatar necessary activities:


UPDATE APRIL 3rd:  And now the Karlsson versions…



UPDATE APRIL 5th:  Spezza…



UPDATE April 5th:  Alternate Alfie poster by shaman


UPDATE April 5th:  @SensForLife11 has created an awesome #YesWeCan Senators playoff video to support the cause.  Check it out:


Also, @StraightFromTHM reminded us that in fact he produced the original Sens/Obama mash-up poster in February… it had a Swedish theme to it:


This Robin Lehner take definitely got the ball rolling and birthed the subsequent incarnations above.


UPDATE April 10th:  Phillips!


This is hillarious. I saw the idea for a white out to make the Sc'ank the "White House" for Tim Thomas and thought that would be pretty funny as well.


I've been on this train for a while too, I'm in.   This has the potential to be huge. If the fans really take hold of this, bypass the Sens lame marketing, this could be on CNN.   Imagine 19000 Sens fans screaming "Yes we can" the media would have a field day.


"YES WE CAN", "O BA MA", Obama Masks SBP as The White House...These all need to happen - spread the word - through radio, facebook, twitter...this needs to go viral in the city


"YES WE CAN""O BA MA" Obama Masks SBP as The White HouseThese all need to happen - spread the word - through radio, facebook, twitter...this needs to go viral in the city